Welcome to our church



Pastor Steve Waterman and family


We see our mission as being a joyous Christian fellowship gathered around word and sacrament where all people may find acceptance, grow in Christ and participate in all the ways we are able to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ so others may come to know him and his salvation.

Our Christian faith includes lots of room for having fun and “practicing friendship” while “practicing faith”. There are no strangers among us! Newcomers cease to be strangers in short order! We pride ourselves in serving the needs of members and friends as well as the community outside.

Opportunities for fellowship and sharing (particularly if it includes food) are seized upon.

Many of our members and friends are “active retirees”, in part because that is the evolving nature of the community of which we are a part. Some members and friends do “snow-bird” duty, spending some winter-days in warmer climes. Others stay and enjoy the special effects of our Oregon Coast winter days.